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August / September 2016

Shrewsbury Systema Closed Saturday 13th August 2016

Opens again Saturday 20th August 2016

Shrewsbury Systema Closed Saturday 27th August 2016

Opens again Saturday 3rd September 2016

What Is Systema?

The Russian Martial Art Systema is a very effective fighting system developed for the Russian Special Forces Spetznaz. It was introduced to the West by Vladimir Vasiliev and RMAGB offers training by qualified instructors here in the UK.

We have clubs in Rudheath, Cheshire and Shrewsbury, Shropshire

We also offer training in Ju Jitsu. Please visit our Cheshire Budo Federation website for more details

Martial Arts For Everyone

Systema or The System is an easy to learn martial art. Students come from all walks of life and it is ideal for people with or without previous martial arts experience.

Latest News

RMAGB had the pleasure of introducing Systema to the Royal Engineers in Belfast.

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Systema Training

Our qualified instructors offer complete Systema training covering defence against strikes, kicks, weapons, plus fighting on the ground and fighting multiple attackers.

Russian Martial Art GB is an affiliate of Russian Martial Art

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RMAGB shares regular news and content across different social media channels. Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Youtube. Please be sure to join us and get great help and advice from our instructors and students.

Martial Arts & Self Defence

For anyone looking to defend themselves and their family in quick time without spending years learning lots of techniques, the Russian Martial art called Systema is an excellent option

It is important to realise that we are all different and what can work for one person in a confrontational situation may not work for another person. Systema doesn't teach a set of specific techniques.


Rather than learn techniques that are beyound your physical prowess, Systema takes a different approach. We all have a in-built sense for survival and the sub-concious mind is programmed to defend us.

If you swing a stick down on an untrained person the way they react will be very primitive compared to a well training martial artist. Systema prefers to cultivate these natural defence mechanisms and allow us to create our own self defence system

Whether one is attacked by one assailant or multiple assailants, or even with a knife or stick the principles of defence in Systema are very similar, irrespecive of the nature of the attack.

Systema for Life

The principles that Systema defines are somewhat different than you may expect for a system developed by the military. Even though Systema is a highly effect martial art that can cause serious injury or worse to an attacker the teachings of the top masters

require us to follow a philosophy of survival and to be good to ourselves and others. Once the System becomes part of you, you will find your concerns towards violent encounters and general fears that may have lead you to look for a martial art will fade away.

Effective working against attacks requires one to be relaxed and to harness the power of our own breathing. This is a fundamental part of our training and becoming effecive in Systema will make you a more relaxed and better person.