UK Systema Seminar Vladimir Vasiliev 20-21st Oct 2012

Russian Martial Art GB is proud to announce that the Russian Martial Art Chief Instructor Vladimir Vasiliev will be our guest for the Systema Hand to Hand & Edged Weapons Summit.  The event will be held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October 2012 at Eton College,  Windsor, UK.

Whether you are looking at Systema for the very 1st time with or without previous martial arts experience, or whether you have done Systema for many years, this is truly a not to be missed event for anybody interested in learning the incredible power of Systema from one of its foremost practitioners.

Included in the 2 day event will be

  • Breathing in defence and attack
  • The principles of Systema movement
  • Systema strikes and kicks
  • Defence against strikes and kicks
  • Groundwork and take downs
  • Defence against adn the use of edged weapons
  • Instructor Evaluation and Requalification.

This list however belies the sheer depth of work that can be achieved with Systema so we all at Russian Martial Art GB urge you to join us on this special weekend.  Please contact us via our website  and you can also contact us on our facebook page