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Systema from the Craddle

For most of us, training in Systema means deconstructing a lot of habits created over the years before we can begin to “work” the right way. So can we put our children onto the right path ? A personal story from a Shrewsbury Systema student.

Introducing Systema to the Irish Guards

Russian Martial Art GB demonstrates the System to the Irish Guards. Dave Flaherty shares some of his thoughts on the experience.

UK Systema Seminar Vladimir Vasiliev 20-21st Oct 2012

Russian Martial Art GB is proud to announce that the Russian Martial Art Chief Instructor Vladimir Vasiliev will be our guest for the Systema Hand to Hand & Edged Weapons Summit.  The event will be held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October 2012 at Eton College,  Windsor, UK.

Back to Systema Training

First session back today for Shrewsbury Systema.  Andy had promised us a new year special which off course means hard work.  I like having a joke with people I know when they ask what we do for a warm up and I mention we do 10 press ups and 10 sit ups.  Needless to say… Read more »

Why Learn a Martial Art

Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee is still one of those films that I watch if I come across it when I’m ‘scanning sky’.  I don’t know if it is a shaggy dog story but I smile when I remember the story that apparently during its initial releases in China and Hong Kong, each night… Read more »

Welcome to the Russian Martial Art GB Blog

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