Shrewsbury Russian Martial Art Systema

Grange Sports Centre
Shrewsbury Academy
Mount Pleasant Road

TEL: 07885 541 457

Saturday 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Current fees are £6.00 for the 1hr session.


Our club is affiliated with Vladimir Vasiliev and our instructors have all qualified under his system.  Duties are typically divided between Dave and Andy.  Dave Flaherty is our club president with a military background and extensive experience in Jujitsu and Systema.  Andy Travis has been training in Jujitsu for many years and has reached 5th dan black-belt.  He has been qualified as an instructor in Systema for 3 years.  Chris Travis is also a qualified Systema instructor and occasionally takes on teaching duties.


Training Session Structure
The session typically consists of preparation for training at the beginning.  We will do Systema style condition and breathing work which prepares the body for the actual martial art activities to come.  Unlike many other fighting styles, Systema engenders a spirit of calmness and softness in the body, which facilitates the  body working naturally and with minimum tension.  It is tension and excessive use of power which can cause rapid onset of fatigue in combat situations.  The conditioning work we do inspired is by the teaching of Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko.


Then we move into the actual Systema fight training.  Systema is a complete fighting system so you will be exposed to a variety of different aspects including hand to hand combat, defense against multiple attackers, fighting on the floor, defense against multiple types of weapons ; knife defense, gun defense, defense against sticks and swords.  Systema is not about learning a bunch of techniques and gluing them together.  Whilst we may look at a technique in isolation, such as defending against a knife held against the throat, the purpose of this is purely to provide a platform from which we develop the lesson.  As you get more experienced or the coming weeks and months you’ll find that you adapt and work in a way that is more natural to you.


Until you experience this sort of training it is difficult to put across what Systema actually is, either by words or video.  The best way is to come to the club and experience it yourself.  Shrewsbury has an excellent group of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and all of us are keen and excited to help others discover more about this amazing system.

If you have questions please contact us by phone or you can fill in our contact form here

Alternately we have a Facebook page here where you can ask questions.

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