Dave Flaherty MBE

Dave has been a martial artist for 54 years and has spent much of his life in the British Army, Police and Local Government (particularly in sport and recreation). He has operated his main HQ club in Ju Jitsu for 43 years and has taught a considerable number of adults and children. Dave qualified as an instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev in Toronto Canada in 2000 and now operates schools in Cheshire and Shropshire.

Dave currently hold an 8th Dan in Ju Jitsu and Kobudo, Instructor in Systema, 2nd Dan Karate, Assistant instructor in Tai Chi. He was an Army PTI and Unarmed Combat Instructor and holds a Fellowship of the British Association of Physical Training, Fellowship of the Institute of Sport and Recreation Management and in addition is a qualified First Aid Instructor, a complimentary therapist and a reiki master teacher.

Dave also has an Honours Degree in Earth and Life Sciences and Post Graduate certificate in Astronomy and Planetary Sciences, Dave is the Director of Coaching for the World Ju jitsu Federation and is an assessor, Internal and External Verifier with City and Guilds.


Andy Travis

A full time martial Arts Instructor and Practitioner has been practicing Ju Jitsu under the guidance of David Flaherty MBE since the age of 7.

Andy holds 5th Dan Black belt in Ju Jitsu and is Certified to teach Russian Martial Art Systema through Vladimir Vasiliev since 2005.

Andy holds a Degree in Sports and Recreation from Sheffield Hallam University.


Chris Travis

Chris currently works as the assistant Manager at Rudheath Leisure center.Chris has been practicing Martial Art since the age of 4, again like his brother under the Guidance of David Flaherty MBE.

Chris currently holds 4th Dan in Ju Jitsu.  Chris is certified to teach Russian Martial Art Systema through Vladimir Vasiliev since 2005 and holds a Sports and Recreation degree from Manchester Met.


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