Training in Russian Martial Art Systema

Systema is a martial art suitable for almost everyone. You don’t need to be a super fit cardio junkie to become effective at this enjoyable and useful fighting system. It is ideal for people with or without martial experience and practitioners range from every day workers, students and is used by people that uphold the law. The System is a very practical and unique form of self defence and it must be experienced to understand its effectiveness so please do come and visit one of our clubs.

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Clothing. There are no formal uniforms or belts. Track suit bottoms, t-shirt or any comfortable sports wear are recommended.

Instructors. Dave teaches all the classes himself to ensure fast effective learning, of all the major principle of systema as passed on first hand from Vladimir Vasiliev. In special occasions, assistant teachers instruct classes.

Age, Ability. Training with us is open to anyone 14 years and over. The club welcomes different abilities and disabilities, as the systema can be adapted to suit.

Classes. The classes range in size, age and in ability, the club have both beginners and experienced students in training. The classes should be used as instructional material with the objective to facilitate self-actualisation through the learning process offered by Russian Martial Art G.B.

Russian Martial Arts (GB) can also provide courses in,

  • Self defence for woman/children
  • Personal protection
  • Restrain training
  • First aid training
  • Corporate training.
  • Private lessons on request.
  • We hope you enjoy this website which has been designed to give you a small insight into The System.

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