Hand to Hand

Hand to Hand Combat


You will learn a unique and powerful method of unarmed hand-to-hand combat including a variety of fascinating drills and ideas, ways to develop endurance, sensitivity, striking power, unique use of the body for defense and attack, and total control of any empty-hand attack with emphasis on breathing, continuity, economy of motion, and unpredictable moves.

The principles of hand to hand fighting in Systema are not based on the accumulation of different techniques that can be used in different situations, rather one develops a more instinctive and adaptable method of dealing with a punch, grab or kick.  The defensive move that one generates to deal with the attack is then continued and turned into an attack itself.

Systema training is often done slowly as this is the best way to develop this responsive way of defending oneself. Slower training also ensures that injuries are less likely.  More senior students may work at a faster pace.  Once the skills are working and natural for the student the ability to speed up the work to more “realistic” levels is possible.

Gradually over a period of time Systema builds you ability to deliver strikes to an opponent but just as importantly how to take strikes.  By the use of breathing and appropriate body actions it is possible to improve your conditioning to the affect of punches and kicks to the body and ensure that you are able to continue to work effectively.

Systema training will provide you with defence skills that will completely change the way you feel about your personal safety.

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